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My phone stops working and it feels like everything just goes to shit. Despite my best efforts I feel like I’m out of the loop and now feel completely under-appreciated. It’s shitty when someone who tells you that you are their everything and mean the world to them doesn’t have time to say anything to you and lets you know that she “doesn’t know if we’re okay,” but doesn’t have the time to elaborate on it at all. You don’t just stop caring for somebody like that, so I don’t know what it is. If every time we go a little without being able to talk it seems like someone wants to throw in the towel then what are we doing? It shouldn’t feel like I have to walk on pins and needles. I just want to feel like I matter, I think it is warranted after what I’ve endured that I still am willing to tell her that she is amazing and still make her my number one priority above everything else. I shouldn’t have to feel like less than dirt, and that’s all I’ve ever asked.